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Solar Cooker International,( SCI ) At present NUMBER ONE NGO popularizing Solar Cookers and Cooking. One would find a wealth of information on solar cooking and cooker designs in this site. E-Mail:

VITA, Volunteers in Technical Assistance, USA. It was one of the foremost NGO in 70-75. Even now it has lot of publications to offer on Solar Cookers as well as Wood Stove and various other alternative energy sources. E-mail:

TIDE, Quarterly published by Tata Energy Research Institute, Darbari Sheth Block, Habitat Place, Lodhi Road, New Delhi - 110 003. This is the number one organizations of India keeping a tab on a whole lot of Energy and other Resources. E-Mail: &

HOME POWER, An excellent online site for various aspects of alternate energy sources. A must for even an advanced researcher.

GENPRO SYSTEMS, An excellent online site for various aspects on Electric Generators as well as Alternate Energy Sources.

JOURNEY TO FORE EVER is another excellent site on various aspects of Alternate energy resources and guidelines. A must for serious browser.


BRETT WHITE was the first contributor to this SITE. He is specilizing on folding type solar conceentrators. He has plans to pursue his masters too at Australia.

DERIS JEANNETTE is working on what he calls as 'Clear Dome Solar Ovens' he has many designs and do it yourself plans in his site.

DAVID DELANEY is pursuing the important work of suitably insulating the cooking pot in simple solar cookers like 'Cookit' or the like. He has lot of information on the same and several interesting variations of the idea.

QUINTON STOWELL has been doing excellent work popularising the solar cooking in places like PERU. His site on the subject in one of the most beautiful sites I have seen.

Prof.STEVEN JOHNES has evolved a new type of Cooker called as Solar Funnel. His site presents the same with lot of photos and directions. This is yet another excellent site.

MICHAEL D.COOKE has yet another interesting site on Solar Cooking worth visiting.

Editions_Jouvence is a well know publisher from France They have published Prof Bernard's little book on solar Cookers called as ' La Cuisson Solaire Facile' which describes many different types of Panel Cookers including the famous "Cookit".

Hannu Virtanen is a well know researcher working at Nepal, His site is a must be visited for lot of information on Double reflector type of Solar Cookers.

RAVINDRA PARDESI, Sri RAVINDRA and his wife Smt SHOBHA PARDESI,are husband and wife team,working at India, on Mannan type of solar cookers. They have improved the design and have tried out various methods of staking cooking vessels. Visit to their site is also a must. E-mail:

ENERGY A huge and extensive site with hundreds of links on Energy, including one on unproven concepts. Person interested in Solar Cooking may please CLICK HERE  E-Mail:

YASUKO TORII Has an excellent site on solar Cookers. It has lot of photos and interesting information

Prof. AJAY CHANDAK Is a prolific inventor, and popularized Solar cookers in his home town Dhula He has lot of information on his site and several interesting variations.

( Practically every SEARCH ENGINE worth its name have lot of sites on Solar Cooking

Please add,Solar or Solar Cooker, in the subject to avoid your mail being erased as scam

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