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(4 new designs have been added on 20th Oct 2006)



General introduction about the article and contents



Classification chart

 Presenting a New Classification for  entire range of Solar Cookers



Classification Table

 Table showing overall presentation of Cookers as in this site



Concentrator type

  Spherical mirrors, Parabolic and Asymmetrical Parabola



Parabolic type-2

 Collapsible types, Fresnel, Cylindro prabolic, Plane mirrors



Light from above

 Water Lenses, Panel Cookers, Funnel Cookers



Box type of designs

 Box with and without reflectors, Inverted Box type



Box type Cookers

 Box with double , triple four and multiple reflectors, Telkes type



Indirect  Cookers

 Stam, Venugopal, Bowman, Swet, Farber types



Chemical Cookers

 Hall , VITA , SD Sharma types



Selection of best design

 Prof. Bowman's analysis



Selection of best design-2

 GATE Analysis



Selection of best design-3

 GATE Analysis continued



Selection of best design-4

 GATE Analysis on regional requirements




 From 1 to 83 ( A to R )



References and links

 From 84 to 109 ( S to W and other )



   Dr Paul Funk's

 For International Standards on Solar Cookers ( ASAE Stds )




 For Comments and suggestions on Test procedures.


 Solar Scooter

New Design

 My new design of Solar Scooter


 Home Page

  Information about the Author



  Author's House built without using wood



  Author's wife who is a gifted singer of repute




Many new designs have been added as and when they were spotted or sent to the me. I cannot assure that all the designs are there, but most of them could be found here. Clicking on the name will take you to the appropriate page from where you can get to the design )

Under Solar 4  ( You can click on these  titles to go to the web page )

  • S 2 Medved's 'Solar Ball'
  • Big Spherical Mirror
  • Sintex Plastic Parabolic Cooker
  • Deris's  Parabola,
  • Sheffler's designs
  • Parabola of Mud base, India
  • Nepal Cooker
  • Deris's  Square Parabola,
  • Papillon
  • Non tracking Parabola of Zhu & Kim
  • Double Parabola
  • Mexico type of Solar Cooker
  • Prof.Ajay's Balcony Cooker, NEW ( added on 10 July 2005 )
  • Under Solar 5

    ●  Brett White's modified umbrella

    ●  Ed Norman's Fresnel cooker

    ●  Bernard Muller's Fresnel type of Cooker

    ●  Bernard Muller's Cylindro Parabolic mirror

    ●  Prof. Bernard's Nelpa

    ●  Prof. Ajay's Hybrid Solar Cooker, NEW ( added on 10 July 2005)

    Under Solar 6

    ●  Mr Teong H.Tan DATS

    ●  David's Solar Guard

    ●  Modified Diassana's Guard

    ●  Ravindra Pardesis's Line Trace Diagram ( a must see for everyone )

    ●  Parvathi Solar cooker

    ●  New designs of Parvathi Solar Cooker

    ●  Mr Deris's Clear Dome

    Under Solar 7

    ●  Mr. J.Samalea's,   Vacuum Cooker

    ●  Basket Cooker

    ●  Mrs Barbara Kerr  &  Sherry with Box Cooker

    ●  Triangular Box Cooker

    ●  Plastic Box Cooker of SINTEX

    Under Solar 8

    ●  Wall oven of Dr Paul Funk

    ●  Shankashubra Dutta's Inclined Solar Cooker

    ●  Box with three vertical Reflectors


    Under Solar 10

    ●●   Dr Sharma & Bhuddi's Chemical Cooker


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